Hello world, my name is Cynthia County. Your Retention Support Specialist.

My name is Cynthia County and I am the Retention Support Specialist in Housing & Residential Education (HRE). My position was created to provide additional support and guidance to student in HRE and/or anyone on campus that needs a little extra help. What kind of help you ask, well all kinds. I can help you figure out where to go and who to talk to if you have questions about campus policies or procedures. I can help you find the right person or office to answer your question or fill out a form. I can help you figure out what it means to meet Academic Satisfactory Progress, especially if your on financial aid. I can help you apply for financial aid, and let you know when the deadlines are. I can help you figure out how to apply for Tuition and/or Housing Installment Payment Plans. I can help you figure out how to decide if you can or should change your major. I can walk you through the process of finding scholarships, both on and off campus. I can even help you figure out how to know what time the bus shows up on campus so you can take it into town.
Being a student can be crazy, busy and stressful. However, it can also be fun and rewarding. I know, I was the student who commuted to school daily, applied for financial aid and scholarships, worked on campus, joined clubs, and was part of EOP & SSS. I lived pretty much in the library, I hung out with friends who became family, I changed my major a couple of times, and I know what it like to have one bad semester and what it feels like to appeal and wait for a reply. It is all those experiences and the administrators, staff and faculty that helped me along the way and shaped the person and professional I am today. Because of those experiences and individuals, I am able to help guide and support you in your journey here at CSUCI.
In this age of social media and timely communication, I have created a blog that will be updated bi-weekly with information that may or may not pertain to you. Nevertheless, you may know someone who could use the information and knowledge, pass it on.

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