Top Five Things Freshman Housing Students Should Know

Top Five​​ Things Freshman Housing Students​​ Should Know


  • Read your emails​​ 

All​​ university communication is done via​​ Dolphin​​ student email. ​​ A​​ good practice​​ is​​ to check your email at least two times a week.

  • Use our​​ facilities & amenities

Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Anacapa Villages​​ all offer common spaces​​ with​​ a variety of rooms geared​​ for various​​ actives.​​ For more​​ information,​​ visit​​ refer to your Resident Handbook:​​

Here is a list of our amenities.

Santa Rosa Village: ​​ 

  • Study Rooms in each​​ floor​​ (total of 7)

  • Community​​ family room and kitchen in each pod

  • Community living room & kitchen in K building

Santa Cruz Village:​​ 

  • Game Room​​ – G230

  • Video Game Room – G238

  • Exercise Room​​ – E230

  • Dance​​ Studio​​ – E137

  • Art Studio​​ – E236

  • Sound resistant music practice room​​ – E235,E237,E239

  • Study lounge​​ ​​ G239​​ 

  • Conference room – E136

  • Computer lounge​​ – E138

  • Television lounge​​ - ​​ E130 & G130

  • Secret Garden

Anacapa Village:

  • Study rooms​​ – A105,A205,A305,B233,B333,C146,C346

  • Computer lab​​ – A205,B133,C146

  • Presentation room​​ – B233

  • Surfboard storage​​ – C248

  • Built-in Barbeque​​ – Anacapa Commons

  • Swimming Pool​​ – Anacapa Commons

  • Spa – Anacapa Commons




  • Get to know your Resident Advisor (RA)

RA​​ are student leaders living in the residence halls. ​​ Their primary role is to help build community and serve as peer counselor, advisor, mentor, and friend to residents. They plan social events that help residents get to know each other;​​ providing programs to facilitate individuals’ academic pursuits and success; facilitating an environment that is inclusive and respectful of different experiences and cultures; enforcing housing policies and serving as emergency on-call staff; and advising students on campus culture and resources.​​ ​​ 

  • Read the Resident Handbook

This Resident Handbook contains nearly everything from A to Z that you will need to know about living in Anacapa, Santa Cruz, or Santa Rosa Villages, and Town Center. Included are the expectations we have of all students who live in HRE communities so the community as a whole will be a positive and safe place for everyone. Our staff is committed to being supportive and responsive to your needs. Please visit​​​​ 


  • Join Community Events

There are plenty of ways to​​ get involved, and​​ several ways to find out what is happening in Housing and on campus. ​​ You will want to follow Housing & Residential Education’s Facebook and​​ Instagram​​ page,​​ as well as​​ look​​ at bulletin boards​​ in​​ each village​​ that are​​ geared​​ for​​ Housing residents.​​ For more information, follow these links:

CSUCI Housing Events -​​​​ 

CSUCI Housing & Residential Education Social Media:

Instagram -​​​​ 

Facebook -​​​​ 

Twitter -​​​​ 

Pinterest -​​​​